Valentine's Decor

How to Decorate Your Home for Love this February

Valentine's Day is right around the corner here in the US, making February the perfect month to decorate your home with romantic style. Whether you go all out with a Galentine's party or keep it low-key with your S.O., use these fun decor ideas to make your home say "love lives here!"

Opt for Red, White & Pink
Deck out your space with pops of red, white and pink - the colors of Valentine's Day. Throw pillows, tablecloths and vases full of flowers are great ways to incorporate the theme. Go for different shades like blush pink or crimson red to mix things up.
Display Heart-y Accents
Hearts are the universal sign of love and romance. Place heart-shaped decorations like wreaths, garlands, candles and trinkets around your home. Use cookie cutters to bake sweet treats in heart shapes as well. Decorate with 3D paper hearts or foam heart stickers for a playful look.

Incorporate Flowers & Greenery
Of course, red roses are a natural choice. Place a gorgeous bouquet on your console table or kitchen island as a focal point. Also intersperse floral stems and greens like ferns or eucalyptus throughout your home for organic touches.

Light Up with Candles
Candlelight sets a warm, welcoming mood. Light up the house with candles in pillar, votive or tealight form. Choose scents like vanilla, almond and rose for extra charm. Arrange candles around your bathtub for a relaxing soak.
Show your love through decor this Valentine's Day! With planning, creativity and these ideas, you can make your home shine bright with holiday spirit.
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