Home Decor Tips for February

8 Home Decor Tips for February

1. Add pops of red and pink for Valentine's Day. Put out red and pink throw pillows, blankets, flowers, and other accents to bring a romantic feel. Consider hanging red paper hearts or putting out heart-shaped decorations.
2. Incorporate winter themes before spring hits. Use snowflake patterns, wintry candles, white and silver decor items, faux fur throws, and other cozy accessories to embrace the colder weather while it's still here.

3. Transition seasonal decor slowly. As days start getting a bit longer toward the end of February, you can start integrating some early spring accents. Think light pastels, flowering branches, and decorative eggs/bunnies for hint of Easter.


4. Rearrange furniture to bring new energy. With it being mid-winter, moving furniture around can make spaces feel fresher. Try a new layout in your living room, dining room or bedroom by moving the position of key pieces.

5. Add lighting for coziness. During the darker evenings in February, incorporate lamps, candles and strings of lights to make home feel warm and bright. Use low lighting for relaxation and atmosphere.

6. Display travel photos or souvenirs. Since winter weather limits opportunities to travel now, reminisce about past adventures and trips by decorating with memories. Frame special photos or show unique souvenirs.
7. Organize kitchen cabinets & drawers. Take advantage of spending more indoor time by tidying up and decluttering kitchen items that you accumulate over the holidays and winter seasons. It will make cooking for Valentine's Day and other occasions simpler.

8. Update artwork & mirrors. Replace artwork or move existing pieces to new wall spaces for an instant change. Consider adding an ornate mirror for a light-reflecting accent.

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