Home Decor Skills to Declutter and Improve Your Space

Practical Organization Solutions

Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter and lack of organization in your home? Decluttering and getting organized doesn't have to be painful. With some simple home decor tricks and storage solutions, you can create a home environment that feels clean, peaceful, and functions better for your lifestyle.

In this blog post, we'll cover some of the top tips and skills to help you declutter and improve your living space:

Evaluate Your Priorities

Before diving into decluttering, think about how you want to use your space and what is most important. Do you need more storage? Better functionality for a hobby? Open shelving to display decor? Defining priorities first makes it easier to decide what to keep and what to remove.


Categorize and Group Like Items

As you begin sorting through belongings, create categories and group like items, such as "Kitchen Items," "Linens," "Books," etc. Start with one space or category at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Group items into "Keep," "Toss," "Donate," and "Not Sure" piles.

Invest in Organizing Tools

Products like storage containers, drawer organizers, racks, baskets, and labeling supplies can change your life. Measure storage areas and purchase items suited for the space. Examples include clear bins for pantries, hanging shoe organizers, baskets for open shelving, and acrylic drawers for bathrooms.

Style Decor Intentionally

When putting items back, do so with intention. Place decor and accessories purposefully, not just randomly. Utilize tips like the decorating "rule of three" and balancing with height, color, and texture. The goal is a styled space that looks and functions well for you.


Maintain the System

Once organized, adopt habits to maintain the system. Put items back where they belong after use. Do quick daily pickups and regular purge sessions. Evaluate if the system needs tweaking. The work gets easier as the clutter stays away.


Let go of items no longer needed, purchase game-changing tools, and adopt intentional organization habits. Our homes should enable our lifestyles, not constrain them. Try these practical decorating skills to create a home you love living in.

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