Creating Warm and Inviting Entryways

Warm and Inviting Entryways

The entryway to your home makes a first impression on guests and sets the tone when you return home. During the cold winter months, focus on making your entry feel warm, cozy and inviting. Here are some tips:

Choose a Warm Color Palette

Paint or stain your front door in a warm, welcoming color like red, yellow, or orange. Bring in accent pieces like benches or a coat rack in natural wood tones to add warmth. Try adding woven or knit textures in throws and rug accents.

Update Lighting
Ensure your entryway is well-lit with ceiling fixtures, lanterns or wall sconces. Add lamp lighting to accent corners and illuminate staircases. Dimmer switches allow you to control the mood.

Coat Storage Solutions
Designated coat hooks or a bench with storage underneath are great for stowing winter gear. Install a standing coat rack for organized access. Shelving units work too.
Comfortable Seating
An entryway bench provides a place to remove shoes or boots. Look for one with cushions and throw blankets. Or arrange a couple of cozy armchairs with a side table.

Finish with Decor Touches
Welcome guests with a fresh wreath or seasonal doormat. Include a mirror for quick checks on your way out. Stylish umbrellas in a stand are handy for weather.

A warm and welcoming entryway is easily achievable with the right lighting, furniture and special touches. These tips will help you create an entry your family and guests will love coming home to.

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