Clever Tips for Space-Saving Interior Design

Live Big in a Small Space 

With tiny homes and micro-apartments on the rise, many homeowners are looking for smart space-saving solutions to make the most of limited square footage. From multifunctional furniture to layout tricks that visually expand rooms, there are many design ideas that can help you creatively transform small spaces.

First, evaluate how you use each room and look for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For example, storage ottomans, folding dining tables, and Murphy beds all pack a lot of function into a small footprint. Also consider open shelving instead of bulky cabinets to hold items while keeping the room looking airy.


Strategically placed mirrors will brighten up dark corners and create the illusion of a larger area. Boldly patterned area rugs in a small living room or bedrooms can make the rooms appear bigger as well.

For open concept kitchens and studios, use room dividers or strategic furniture arrangements to delineate functional zones without compromising openness. Color, lighting, and textures on floors/walls also help define cooking, sleeping, and living areas.


When arranging furniture, resist pushing everything against the walls. Floating furniture away from the walls tricks the eye into perceiving more floor space. Just be sure to allow enough room for traffic flow through the space.

By getting creative with multipurpose furnishings and thoughtful layouts, small spaces can still feel open, organized and livable. With some design savvy, anyone can love living large in a small home.

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